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SciComm STEP: Sparking Transitions
for Experienced Professionals

Experienced science communicators (SCs) are hitting a professional development ceiling: most trainings for SCs impart entry-level skills to early-career communicators. STEP is a virtual, intensive career coaching program centered on (a) mindset and habit-building which are (b) enhanced through an actively facilitated community of practice. STEP guides experienced SCs to use their experience on themselves to overcome career-advancement barriers.

The first, pilot run of SciComm STEP took place October - November 2022 and was fully funded by the National Association of Science Writers. The impact of this program on cohort 1 participants exceeded even our most audacious hopes and made it clear just how badly this kind of program is needed, and just how much good it can do for the science communication community.

STEP takeaways tip sheet.png

We are currently seeking funding to run SciComm STEP as an annual program.


If you are a funder: SciComm STEP is relatively inexpensive and results in big impact (impact summary available on request). Please get in touch if you'd like to chat about sustaining this program.

If you'd like to join a future STEP cohort: join our email list to get all updates from us, or use this form and we'll contact you with program developments.

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