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The honest podcast about scicomm with impact

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Listen now

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I highly recommend you go listen to Meteor right now. I’m addicted already…this is the scicomm podcast we didn't know we needed.

I have been working in scicomm for over 20 years, and it's like you are

inside my head.

It's really refreshing to hear scicomm practice talked about from the midcareer perspective; so many scicomm conversations are about the basics.


About the podcast

You’re successfully running a three-ring circus of spectacular scicomm [congrats!]. You want to celebrate. You want to commiserate. You want to jam out with other scicomm pros committed to inclusive practice. [welcome! 🤗]

Meteor isn’t meant to be an echo chamber. We’re working on funding to pay guests to share their insights, pain points, and ambitions for scicomm.

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Meanwhile, if you wanna make suggestions for what we should cover on the podcast, pop us a note.

Thanks for joining us!

We promise to never share your contact info. And, we won’t spam you. We will holler if we come across something amazing.

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