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Expand Your Impact

You aren’t just looking to improve scicomm.

You want to make the world better through impactful scicomm tools + communities.

That’s what Meteor is for: boosting you to do inclusive scicomm with impact.

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Own your expertise
+ level up your scicomm.


Chat + rant about scicomm challenges and solutions.

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Reframe your scicomm for maximum impact.

Join us to develop and actualize your goals, strategies, and agency.
Together, we’ll amp up your individual power and organizational impact so
you get actionable and transformative results from your scicomm efforts.

Meteor is for science communication practitioners, developing or
mature scientists, and STEM professionals looking to enhance big-picture
capacity or build and refine the technical skills that fuel good scicomm.


About Us

We’ve each worked in the SciComm landscape for more than 7 years. What we want from scicomm training and capacity-building doesn’t currently exist. So we’re creating it: high-level convos and courses that are impactful, inclusive, & sustainable — for you and for us, together.

Podcast Episodes

Thanks for joining us!

We promise to never share your contact info. And, we won’t spam you. We will holler if we come across something amazing.