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Let’s give ’em something to talk about: Season 1 close-out Q&A

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Show notes

In this episode, we’re really talking with you about scicomm. We are answering YOUR questions, and we’re excited to rove widely through topics and questions you’ve sent us.

We touch on the big picture 📸 and the nitty gritty of:

  • How we approach the on-going work of staying on top of convos around justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion and how they relate to scicomm

  • Framing up a scicomm CV (or do you really need a resume?!?)

  • Pitching scicomm experimentation to clients, coworkers, or supervisors

  • Getting back to scicomm basics when talking a supervisor or client into prioritizing aspects of scicomm that are beyond their comfort zone (like experimentation or assessment)

  • Life-long learning as a scicommer and how to learn new things in a scicomm career

Our hot takes? 🔥

  • Learning about diversity and inclusion doesn’t and shouldn’t have an end point.

  • If you can’t wedge scicomm into a CV using Bethann’s tips, maybe you gotta ditch the CV and dig into the world where resumes rule.

  • Don’t forget – you probably spend more time thinking about scicomm than anyone around you. What you think is reasonable might feel risky to someone else. Just calibrate for that.

  • Don’t get bored. And, don’t look to scicomm alone for new ideas – lots of the innovative scicomm you get pushback for would be beige in other comms and marketing settings.

We also shout-out The Writer’s Co-op, a podcast about running a freelance writing business. We mention TWC while talking about career transitions including freelancing. While we’re on break, TWC might fill the podcast-sized hole you’ll have in your schedule. After all, a lot of the procedures and good habits of freelancing are productive in institutional scicomm settings, too.

Thanks for cruising along with us for all of Meteor’s first season! If we didn’t cover a question or big theme you’d like to hear us tackle, hit us up!

We’ll be back in the new year with another season and some great courses.

Bonus! 🎁 Virginia’s running one about scicomm on TikTok, and Bethann’s running a course on melding life and scicomm goals. Be sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter. We’ll take the work out of keeping up and send all the details about these courses and our next season straight to your inbox. 📧

Take care and talk soon! ☕️🧁

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