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Grappling with our science wife identity

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Show notes

There’s a lotta baggage 💼 around being someone’s partner, especially a wife, especially in science. These issues leak over into scicomm for many folks, whether you’re a ‘science wife’ or navigating some other kind of partnership.

This week, we tackle:

  • What we wish we’d known about being a science wife before started our relationships

  • Things about being married to scientists that we wish were common knowledge

  • The hardest thing for us in our roles as science wives

  • Ways that our science partnerships have positively shaped our careers

  • Navigating shared/overlapping professional identities and spaces

Dig in for yourself:

  • Do you spend a lot of time calibrating for the people around you?

  • Do you give yourself much just-you time?

Take some time to yourself today, even just 5 minutes, to just be you.

[We know…this kind of assignment might feel like it’s for hoity toity people. But “taking 5 minutes for myself” could be just laying on the floor with the door shut against the kids, being not available for just a little while.

And making that time, just a little every day, can help us feel way more in control. More like we choose who we are and the role we play in the world.]

Thanks for listening! We’ve got the hammocks out. 🌴 Come on over.

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