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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, is the resume or CV the fairest of all?

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Show notes

Instead of CVs and resumes being a tally 📏, how can we think differently about CVs and resumes to get an extra career boost out of them?

Lately, we’ve tried:

  1. Using these documents as self-assessment tools to encourage positive self-evaluation

  2. Crafting our own job titles and definitions of ourselves so they reflect our motivations rather than the tasks we perform for a paycheck

Two tips to shift the way you present yourself in just a few minutes:

  1. For no less than 2 min: write down all the motivation words you can think of for why you hold your current position (don’t stop until your timer goes off!) ⏳

  2. Build your own job title; make it reflect your word cloud better than the job description title you’ve been assigned by your employer 🏆

Knowing your “why” is adjacent to setting attainable, measurable goals and will set you up to productively work more on this later.

Listen to the full episode for:

  • A cheeky summary of our own CVs, resumes, and thoughts about these documents

  • How Bethann and Virginia have used CV and resume updates to ask for permission less and assume roles more confidently

  • Our strategies for getting quality and quantity into an application package

Thanks for listening! Let’s keep this convo rolling: we’ll do the popcorn, you bring the scicomm mocktails! 🍿🥂

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