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Goals in science communication— life raft or dead weight?

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Show notes

How can we set and use scicomm goals so they lift us up instead of drag us down? [we’re going for boo-yah! 🦾]

We suggest:

  • Clearly articulate your goals from the beginning of any scicomm project or whenever you have an inflection point in your career.

  • Give yourself permission to give self-reflection the time, energy, and respect it needs to serve you well.

  • Allow yourself to use your goals as a “living document” and recognize that your goals will change over time. That’s life, not failure. 🎯

How to get started setting your own goals in just a few minutes:

  • For 5 min: write down (in brief) all the goals you can think of, big or small, that you’re currently pursuing.

  • For 5 min: write down why you are pursuing each goal. 🤔

Knowing your “why” is adjacent to setting attainable, measurable goals and will set you up to productively work more on this later.

Listen to the full episode for:

  • Why setting goals is essential for science communication project and career success

  • How Virginia uses goal-setting to chart her freelance career

  • What it’s like to set goals as a team

  • How Bethann uses goal-setting to strategically add opportunities to her academic workload

  • How personal and professional goals can inform each other

  • When goals become a burden and what strategies we use to turn things around

Thanks for listening, and come on over to the virtual convo! You bring the snacks, we’ll do lemonade and sodas. 🥃🥨

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