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Meteor trailer— welcome to the podcast!

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Show notes

Where are mid-career science communicators (like us) supposed to go to level up? We crave deep conversations about advanced scicomm so we can grow and check ourselves when people disagree with us.

And talking to each other and our peers helps us grow. So, we are opening up our conversations so that we can learn from folks with other perspectives and other folks can potentially grow with us.

Which is why we made Meteor!

Meteor episodes will explore science communication career issues like branding and practical issues like finding project ideas that matter. We will also grapple with stuff that makes us uncomfortable… 😳 …like how much space two privileged white ladies (like us) should occupy in the inclusive scicomm community.

Plus, each episode ends with a suggested action that we scicommers can take to move ourselves forward.

We want to talk with STEM professionals who are exploring science communication as a component of their career and with people who are pursuing a full-time scicomm position within an institution or as an entrepreneur. No matter what your plan with science communication is, we want to help you do it inclusively and sustainably.

Come on over! We’ve got the virtual snacks and good patio weather we’ll need ⛱ to have lots of advanced-user convos with you.

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